Month: May 2015

Guess what…I probably admire you

Admire. Out of the dozens of words I could have randomly chosen from the jar today, I chose ‘admire’. A little spooky when the last post I did was on the word ’emulate’ and I spoke about a few famous people I admire.

I’m very fortunate to have loads of role models in my life in the shape of family members, friends and some colleagues but there are others I admire too….and strangely enough I probably don’t even know them.

It may be even you! 

Lately I’ve spent a lot of time connecting with likeminded writers and business owners via social media.

It seems that while we are all truly unique, that there are loads of us that share common goals, challenges and interests.

It’s energising to see people going after the same things you are, it’s inspiring to see them kicking butt in their chosen field and it’s comforting to see that we all have our challenges and not so great days.

I’ve found that it’s not hard to find people you admire.

There’s the entrepreneurs living and breathing their dreams, the start-ups going after everything, the creators making amazing things, the mums and dads juggling life and business, the dedicated stay-at-home parents, the millennials and youngsters finding their feet in this big world, the teachers, the charity workers, the nurses, the office workers, the bus drivers, all of you getting on with your day with gusto, optimism and tenacity.

Then there’s the ones that maybe aren’t having such a great day but will do their best to just get though it….and most of all the ones that stop to give a moment of kindness to another person.

Yes I admire you.

But what value is there in me admiring you…especially if you don’t even know me?

Instead admire yourself. Admire all the things you are good at…and trust me there are plenty…we are all good at some things.

Then go out and find your community of people who you admire. The ones that you connect with and have things in common. The ones that you feel good to be around.

They may be right in your neighbourhood or in social media land, but they are out there just waiting for you to join them….just waiting to admire you and for you to admire them…a community of mutual admiration and respect…now that’s something you can really value.

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I have a love hate relationship with treats.

I love having them but then I don’t really like myself much afterwards.

When I think about treats, the first thing that comes to mind is food or drinks.

Having ‘kicked’ the sugar habit several years ago, I honestly don’t indulge in typical treats that often.

I know everybody says that but I mean it.

I’m sitting here right now with my coffee made with unsweetened almond milk and no sugar and my homemade coconut chia-seed pudding – yes I sound like a bit of a…something rather…but that’s my breakfast and I like it.

That all being said, a friend and I took our boys out for a ‘treat’ yesterday.

They asked for chocolate milkshakes and chocolate fondue with marshmallows and strawberries.

I knew the fondue would be huge and I would have to ‘help‘ them finish it off.

Then I ordered an iced coffee for myself.

‘Cream and ice-cream with that?’ the server asked.

I say, ‘just cream..oh no…no cream.’

‘So no to ice cream and cream?!?’ the confused server asked.

Trying to help the poor girl out I thought I’d make it easier for her and said, ‘actually I’ll have cream and ice cream.’

Yep…I wanted to ‘help’ the server out.

That though was my weekly treat.

But does wine or champagne count as treats? Because I’ll have a couple of those over the course of the week…just a couple…for sure.

A business coach recently encouraged me to identify a reward for getting a particular project completed…that didn’t involve food or drink…I came up with having quality time with Thelma my Thermomix.

Not exactly unrelated to food or drink but I do try to make super healthy stuff in it….like chia seed puddings, raw protein balls and….custard…here I go again.

Occasionally I indulge in the automatic custard setting. Chuck in some milk, eggs and a little sugar, press a button and it’s all done a few minutes later…those Thermomix geniuses I could just kiss them.

Of course I have other occasional treats, binge watching episodes of Friends, reading a good book, going to a movie, buying a good book…or cookbook…or going out to dinner…see I’m back to food again.

All jokes aside. I am pretty disciplined about treats being a treat and not an everyday thing. More like a once a week thing. And I’m no longer going to punish myself for it.

Life is way too short to not enjoy the occasional treat.

So go ahead and treat yourself today!

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