During the holiday season people are always looking for a unique gift for their family members, relatives and friends. One of the most attractive and affordable gifts for home decor are well designed sun catchers from Glass art stories.

Though most people purchase the sun catchers for windows, they can be installed in any place in the house like the living room, bedroom, kitchen, office or shop, wherever there is some sunlight. The suncatchers will catch the sunlight, and if placed at the right angle they will disperse the light in a wide spectrum of colors, lighting up and improving the atmosphere of the room.

While everyone admires the beauty of stained glass windows and artwork, not everyone can afford it. Also people with stained glass windows or panels have to be very careful, since they can be easily damaged. The intricate and colorful stained glass light catchers allow everyone the opportunity to enjoy the beauty of stained glass at a very affordable price. The glass window suncatchers are also easy to install. Each sun catcher has a hook, so it can be hung anywhere using a chain, and a suction hook on glass. If required, the position of the sun-catcher can be changed. Multiple sun catchers can be placed on the same window.

Stained glass decor

Each sun-catcher is a unique piece stained glass decor, which is handcrafted using the finest quality raw materials. The glass for making the sun-catcher is obtained from Spectrum glass or Wissmach glass, some of the most reputed manufacturers of architectural and specialty glass. Other material used for making the sun-catcher is tin, copper foil, paint, black patina and wax. The sun catcher design is first sketched by the artist. Then glass of suitable thickness and quality is cut according to the design. Then trims are then added using copper foil,tin. To make it more attractive, the glass is then painted.

Glass art stories has more two hundred different designs of sun catchers to cater to the requirement of customers worldwide. Bird shaped sun catchers remain the most popular design, since they look like real birds in the window or garden. Bird feathers are also popular. There are sun-catchers for major festive occasions. During winter, snowman, Christmas stocking and Santa Claus shaped sun-catchers are popular gifts worldwide. Similarly for Halloween sun catchers shaped like ghosts, pumpkins, vampire lips and blue bats are popular. A few of the other sun-catcher designs are Happy Bull, Ginger cookie, new year ox, fish, fruits, vegetables.

In case a person or business does not find a sun-catcher design which he likes, they can contact with their specific design. Custom made sun catchers can be made based on the clients request. The colorful sun catchers are low maintenance, the user only has to periodically wipe the sun catcher using a wet cloth. Customers from any part of the world can order the sun-catchers they like from the online store. To ensure that the delicate glass sun catchers are not damaged during shipping, special packaging is used which will protect the sun catcher.