To be really beautiful and to be admired by everyone at the age of 20 is easy, at 30 – the result of some effort and self-discipline after 40 – a real art. Many women at the age of 40 are convinced that the world is made only for young people – hence all their problems and complexes. At the moment matrimonial is possible at any age.

Fortunately, the situation is changing, and today more and more women of “elegant age” and do not think to hide their years, and wrinkles are no longer a problem for them. At this stage in women’s lives there are often crises – from awareness of their own age and longing for children who have created their own family to problems in their personal lives and troubles associated with the physical restructuring of the body. But that is when women rediscover themselves, starting a new stage in their lives. Independence and inner freedom are the resources to get involved and fulfill their long-held desires. 

Europe is the leader in this trend. Women “pores of elegance” decorate the covers of glossy magazines, take off in advertising and go out on the podiums during a fashion show of the best fashion designers. The fashion for beautiful women in their 40 has so enveloped the world that the first modeling agency of its kind was opened in France, which accepts ladies from 45 to 85! In advertising the brand Dove recently appeared and real dumplings, and women with gray hair, which look no less attractive and sexy than young models of the same type.

“Our task is to soften the rigidity of current beauty norms and standards. Attitudes towards older women simply have to become more politically correct. They should not be shy about their years. Today, Botox injections, aesthetic surgery available to everyone have become an integral part of our reality. And the cosmetics market is simply saturated with anti-aging products,” comments French researcher Alain Quemin, who was involved in developing the “Resurface Peel” cream for Lancôme. Each cosmetics brand offers a huge amount of anti-aging products – for face, neck, eyelids, lips, hands, bust.

Peelings, toner creams and even shampoos are also anti-aging products. To decipher their contents, you need at least a special dictionary, but the essence of them comes down to one thing: “To stay young, you can not relax,” or “Fool time. As a result, a woman gets complexes if, after all the effort in her 45, she looks like she’s 40 instead of 20. However, truly self-sufficient women admit that they are much more pleasant to look in the mirror at themselves now that they have acquired style, refinement and gloss, rather than at twenty years of age.

Just a few years ago in Hollywood, only 8% of the roles were given to actresses over 35 years. But today the bar is rising: the image of a beautiful woman of age attracts and admires the audience much more. They shine not only on the screen, but also on the covers of glossy magazines. Jane Fonda, at the age of 67, appeared on the cover of the British edition of Good Housekeeping. And she refused to make any computer adjustments to the photo. “You don’t have to clean up my wrinkles, I want to be like other people,” she said.

Jamie Lee Curtis, 47, also posed for the cover of More magazine – in her underwear and no corrections. “I don’t want to be part of this “myth of youth” anymore. I want to show that I love myself for who I am”. And this is just the beginning, the beginning of a new era in which the age of a woman from a constant enemy turns into an object of pride.

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