Popularity of any Instagram account depends also on the number of subscribers. Agree, when you see an impressive number of followers in the profile, it immediately disposes to a subscription, because it means there is something to look at, something to read.

So the higher the subscription rate, the more people know about you or your business, and therefore use your services/goods, etc. So in this article we will tell about the ways how to get live subscribers and with it to promote your profile on instagram. If you need subscribers quickly, you can use https://poprey.com/instagram_followers.

Buying followers

All services to get active followers in Instagram work about the same scheme: You register, put some amount on your balance, add a task (subscribe, like, leave a comment), and other users come in, perform the task and get money. Some services offer a choice between buying real followers on Instagram or bots. Naturally, the fewer bots, the more expensive the service. In fact, there are no live accounts when you buy. Yes, they are not bots. But they are fake pages created to perform tasks. It is not difficult to identify these – they have a strange nickname, very few followers, but a lot of subscriptions and strange publications in the feed – pictures, photos of different people. By the way, you can also perform tasks of other users of the service, earn and spend money on subscribers. Now to where to get live followers on instagram – below collected 15 services.

Another way to “add” your followers is through mass action or activity from your profile on the pages of TA users. This includes mass liking, mass following, mass commenting. That is, the program from your account, for example, puts a like, leaves a comment, the user sees it and visits the profile. Accordingly, the likelihood of subscription increases. By the way, the price is given not only for mass actions, in services there are also other bonuses for the development of the page.

White methods of finding subscribers

Here are ways to help you with more than just attracting followers. The tricks below are real ways to promote your business in instagram, not just the illusion of popularity. And yes, you’ll have to shell out money for some of them, but most of them you’ll be able to implement without investing.


They will help you get good reach and get into the recommended ones, but only if they are relevant to the topic of the post. Then you can be found by users who are interested in what you have to offer. Write hashtags under the photo that are related to your activity, interests, company, product, etc. Instagram allows 30 hashtags. Use low-frequency tags with less than 10,000 posts, or medium-frequency tags with between 10,000 and 500,000 posts, otherwise the post will just get lost in so many posts.


Specify geolocation with the places where you or your audience. Then users who set the same geo-tag will be shown your publications in the recommendations, which means a high probability of subscribing. Besides geo-tags, as well as hashtags, allow showing your publication to interested users. Also, if you took several photos in one place, specify different geo tags when publishing them. This will increase your reach, and therefore you will collect more likes and subscriptions.


Find those bloggers who have your target audience, turn on post notifications so you can respond quickly and have time to check in when the post is active. Read it and write your opinion on the topic. Use humor in your comments, your audience always likes it. In addition to the post itself, comment on other users’ opinions to draw more attention to yourself. Using this method you won’t need to buy instagram real followers.