In the 21st century, utopian theories do not stand up to any criticism, we no longer believe in the existence of separate, isolated worlds in which life runs by some other rules and brings more joy and happiness. Of course there are no such worlds, but there are places very close in spirit and content, and the legendary island of Mallorca is one of them. The island is not just “part of the land, surrounded by water on all sides”, the word “island” evokes a whole variety of associations, ranging from children’s adventure novels to a super-image of buying your own island, which indicates that you belong to the elite of the planet that can afford such luxury. We grow up and realize that adventure with pirates in the jungle of a desert island is better left in the novels, and buying a private island is a pure adventure, given how difficult, expensive and sometimes impossible to exploit such property. But the word “island” still has some magic, causing pleasant associations.

But let’s understand what the island has to offer a modern person, a person who wants everything at once, quickly and conveniently, who is used to being in touch with the whole world, who is ready to break into a trip to the other side of the earth every day, who wants to combine the incongruous (solitude and noisy discos, deserted beaches with the proximity to an international airport). To be more precise, the right question to put it this way: what island real estate can offer all this? Our answer is real estate in Mallorca. 

Everything that your soul can wish for in Mallorca, everything that mainland Spain is rich in and a little more: its unique charm and atmosphere of rest and tranquility – after all, the island, thanks to its geographical features creates a sense of coziness. Add to this the fundamentally different natural areas – Mallorca has mountains, rocky shores, secluded coves and delightful sandy beaches on the flatlands. Consider the cosmopolitan Palma de Mallorca, the golf courses and green residences to the west of the island, the magnificent spacious beaches on the east coast, the timeless history of Valldemossa and villas with breathtaking sea views on the northern slopes of the mountains, Don’t forget the large international airport, rich cultural program and a huge number of places for entertainment – zoosafari, caves, viewpoints, museums, tasting farms and so on. Think of great shopping – Mallorca has several leather factories, providing an excellent selection of handbags and shoes of European quality, there are major shopping centers, offering both luxury and democratic brands of clothing, and global sales last for several weeks in the summer and a few – in winter. Remember the excellent transport infrastructure – highways will take you from the edge to the edge of the island for 1.5 hours, but most trips fit in 20-30 minutes. The owners of real estate in Mallorca are also pleased with the availability of direct flights to different cities around the world.

Mallorca lives all year round and is considered by many to be the ideal place to buy real estate for a variety of reasons other than the delight of the island itself. The local authorities have never allowed too much to be built – there is no overproduction crisis here, the place is limited. Building Mallorca for foreigners began in the 80’s, so finding a small apartment for yourself is not a problem. You can do it here Due to the climate, most residences in Mallorca have a large number of green spaces, not calling for associations with residential areas. In Mallorca you can easily find apartments for sale on the beach, in protected, well-groomed residences with its own access to the sea, a beautiful garden, fountains, swimming pools and recreational areas.