I have a love hate relationship with treats.

I love having them but then I don’t really like myself much afterwards.

When I think about treats, the first thing that comes to mind is food or drinks.

Having ‘kicked’ the sugar habit several years ago, I honestly don’t indulge in typical treats that often.

I know everybody says that but I mean it.

I’m sitting here right now with my coffee made with unsweetened almond milk and no sugar and my homemade coconut chia-seed pudding – yes I sound like a bit of a…something rather…but that’s my breakfast and I like it.

That all being said, a friend and I took our boys out for a ‘treat’ yesterday.

They asked for chocolate milkshakes and chocolate fondue with marshmallows and strawberries.

I knew the fondue would be huge and I would have to ‘help‘ them finish it off.

Then I ordered an iced coffee for myself.

‘Cream and ice-cream with that?’ the server asked.

I say, ‘just cream..oh no…no cream.’

‘So no to ice cream and cream?!?’ the confused server asked.

Trying to help the poor girl out I thought I’d make it easier for her and said, ‘actually I’ll have cream and ice cream.’

Yep…I wanted to ‘help’ the server out.

That though was my weekly treat.

But does wine or champagne count as treats? Because I’ll have a couple of those over the course of the week…just a couple…for sure.

A business coach recently encouraged me to identify a reward for getting a particular project completed…that didn’t involve food or drink…I came up with having quality time with Thelma my Thermomix.

Not exactly unrelated to food or drink but I do try to make super healthy stuff in it….like chia seed puddings, raw protein balls and….custard…here I go again.

Occasionally I indulge in the automatic custard setting. Chuck in some milk, eggs and a little sugar, press a button and it’s all done a few minutes later…those Thermomix geniuses I could just kiss them.

Of course I have other occasional treats, binge watching episodes of Friends, reading a good book, going to a movie, buying a good book…or cookbook…or going out to dinner…see I’m back to food again.

All jokes aside. I am pretty disciplined about treats being a treat and not an everyday thing. More like a once a week thing. And I’m no longer going to punish myself for it.

Life is way too short to not enjoy the occasional treat.

So go ahead and treat yourself today!

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