The journey of a drug from a simple idea to the pharmacy counter lasts 10-15 years, and includes preclinical and clinical studies, as well as post-marketing studies after it goes on sale. All three stages are quite costly, and on top of that, not all drugs make it to the last stage, for various reasons, do not prove their clinical efficacy or their unsafe qualities are identified for which the product cannot be marketed, but the costs of failed projects have already been incurred and they are a burden on the price of the drug that proved successful.

In order to allow the company that created the new drug to recoup the costs incurred, the manufacturer is given the exclusive right of sale for some time on the active substance of the drug and the patented brand name, after which time, all other pharmaceutical companies have the right to produce the same drug as the original brand, using the same active substance, but under a different trade name – this is called a generic. You can find such drugs here

Differences of a generic

The generic differs from the brand drug in name, appearance, packaging and more affordable price, and may also differ in the composition of inactive components, in the form of dye, preservative and flavoring, which have no therapeutic effect. The most important and basic similarity is that the active substance is the same – it has therapeutic effect, so the generic and the brand have the same indications for use, contraindications and side effects.

The more affordable price of the generic compared to the brand is a result of the fact that the generic manufacturer does not need to conduct expensive tests, all this has already been done by the brand manufacturer, it only needs to take a ready and tested formula and produce the drug, then prove equivalence to the brand and put it on sale, and this is the least cost. In addition, generic manufacturers spend almost no money on advertising, attracting customers and competing at a more affordable price. A generic is a copy of the brand on the active ingredient, different on the outside, but the same inside in composition!

Treatment of potency with generics

It is quite obvious that potency problems can be treated with generics. They can be an excellent alternative to expensive drugs. Here, in the first place you need the moral support of your loved one. Well, and, of course, it is much easier to work on the problem together. Of course, a woman needs to stock up on patience and affection and in no case should not subject a man to reproach. These problems are not solved quickly and easily. After all, they lie somewhere at the deepest level of subconscious men. And here only genuine support and understanding will help to achieve a positive result. But the joint effort is worth it. After all, it will lead to the strengthening of not only sexual relationships, but relationships in general, and bring the partners even closer and subsequently deliver, with incomparable sexual pleasure. You can buy specialized medicines here