It may very well be the biggest debate of the century, or at least it is in some circles of writers and readers – is Hermione Granger a Ravenclaw or not? The Sorting Hat faced the same dilemma, spending nearly four minutes trying to decide which house to place Hermione in, before finally settling on Gryffindor.

Ravenclaws prize wit, learning, and wisdom. It is the home of nerds and bookworms. So it’s not unusual that writers and readers after completing many of the available Sorting Hat quizzes online find themselves placed in Ravenclaw – I’m no exception; apparently, I am 60.5% Ravenclaw, 32.8% Hufflepuff, 6.3% Gryffindor and just 0.4% Slytherin. While I would love to claim Hermione as one of my Ravenclaw sisters, my Gryffindor peers may feel a little differently about that.

Rather than spending time diving deep on this topic and trying to resolve this ‘great debate’, I think we can all agree there are several things we (us girls in particular) can learn from Hermione, regardless of her house.

She loved learning

Hermione’s love of books was very clear. Her free time was spent in the library seeking information on spells, potions, and plants that would come in handy in times of need. Strong women value learning and invest time in it. Books aren’t just about passing exams, they are about gaining knowledge and growth.

She stood up for herself and others

Whether she was fighting off scary mythical creatures, punching Draco in the nose for taunting her, or fighting for the rights of the poorly treated house elves, Hermione knew the importance of standing up – not just for herself but for others as well. She doesn’t condone injustice. She doesn’t act like that it is none of her business. She stands up for what she believes in and for those without a voice. She is not afraid to call out a wrong – she overcomes fears and uses her intelligence to try and bring the injustice to an end.

She wasn’t ashamed of her knowledge

Hermione used her wit and knowledge to get Ron and Harry out of trouble countless times. In class, she was always the first to answer questions. She studied, she gained knowledge and she wasn’t afraid to let it show. She doesn’t play dumb just to fit in. Her knowledge helps her stand apart in many positive ways.

Hermione Granger taught us that a strong woman doesn’t sit around and wait to be rescued. She doesn’t play the victim. She invests in herself, she understands what is important to her, upholds her values, and she is comfortable with whom she is.

Hermione teaches us all that it’s okay to let intelligence shine and to be comfortable speaking out about things you believe in.

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