There are loads of people I admire.

There’s Jane Austen for writing, David Bowie for creative genius, Jamie Oliver for businesses that achieve good, Seth Godin for marketing nous….the list goes on and on.

At times I thought I may try and them. Imitate their success in some way.

The problem though with emulating someone else, is you’re not being yourself!

You have to believe in your own brand and abilities to succeed.

It’s very hard to succeed or be happy when you’re trying to be someone else.

It’s okay to admire other people but not envy them.

It’s okay to adapt and apply something that resonates with you, make it your own, but not to copy it.

It’s okay to follow another person’s success, but not to run the same race as them.

You are running your own race. Strive to improve, learn from others, find role models that resonate with you, but don’t try and emulate them.

I’m never going to be Jane Austen, David Bowie, Jamie Oliver, Seth Godin or any of the fabulous people I admire.

I’m going to be me. And I’m good enough. No….I’m perfectly imperfect just the way I am, which is perfect.

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